About the Artist


Some People Tiptoe Through Life Only to Arrive Safely at Death.............

John Darlin, wire artist, will never tiptoe anywhere. In his art, as in his life, he attacks a project with gusto. This can be evidenced in the designs he creates for his customers. Elegant, practical and beautiful are words that describe the bracelets crafted by John. Each piece is created in his studio in Indiana and each piece is, from beginning to end, a work of love. 

Wire wrapping is an ancient art form which has been around since the time of the Phoenician Empire (approximately 1000 years BC). It involves “bending” gold and/or silver wire to form a piece of jewelry. John has chosen to specialize in bracelets formed of gold and silver wire. There is no soldering involved in this art form and it is in the artist’s mind that the piece comes alive. John became interested in wire wrapping while a friend was visiting in his home. He avidly pursued his interest and found an instructor in Canada who introduced the intricacies of the art form and taught the artist to create the beautiful pieces he produces today. John has an advantage over many wire-wrap artists in that he has taken the time to immerse himself in learning the art before producing a single piece. His education continues today as he studies new techniques and developments in the creation of wire jewelry.

For over 28 years, John has created his beautiful bracelets and in 2005 the Office of the Governor of Kentucky chose one of John’s pieces to be given as a gift to his special guests at the 131st running of the Kentucky Derby. The following year John announced “The First Lady’s Choice”, an elegant bracelet chosen by the First Lady of Kentucky to present to her guests throughout the year. 

Please be aware that the art you purchase today is guaranteed for your satisfaction. If you are buying a bracelet for a gift and it is the wrong size, we will re-size it at no charge and if, for any reason other than obvious abuse, your bracelet should break, it will be repaired at no cost to you.

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Don’t tiptoe ANYWHERE!